A home for the hunted 2

Okay a recap is below! "starships were meant to fly", "I got a hangover", "where you going and when are you coming home", "we dont need you money", Have a good day.

speaks well too but..." Mable trailed off and Austin laughed "she was taught and let's leave it at that" Austin said growing serious. Then one of them walked away but then the door opened and Aerica rushed for the table and she sat under it. It had been Austin that opened the door, "Aerica, what are you doing under the table?" he asked. Aerica's face went red and I kicked her lightly "nothing" she croaked. That didn't lead Austin off our tail "anyways you two can tell me later. I just wanted to say it's time to meet everyone. They are all waiting for you" I stood up and helped Aerica up from under the table.

Created by: singin234
  1. Austin led us down and we saw, 3 girls our age, a boy about 9, 2 guys, Chris and Mable. There was a girl with Honey blond hair, she was tall and skinny. Way too skinny. A girl with fine black hair, she looked like she had way more weight then everyone but Chris. The redhead had nerdy glasses and a pale face with a few freckles. The little boy looked at me he had reddish brown hair and a few freckles no glasses. Austin cleared his throat and the honey blond said "I am Amy. The girl with the black hair is Kate and Kelly is the other, it's nice to meet you" she said rolling she eyes. I would say "˜nice to meet you too' but I am not as nice as they think. "Nice to meet you too" Aerica said dumbly. I said nothing at all; no one but the 3 girls and Aerica were shocked. "Umm..." Austin started "you're only nice to people who are nice to you, is that right?" he asked me. I turned and looked at everyone "No, I don't hate her but I don't like her either. I am just not going to really take notice of her" I told the truth and everyone but the 3 girls loved it. But they flicked their hair back and got over it "Sorry" The honey blond said to me. I smiled sweetly "its ok" I forgave her. Everyone was impressed I think, they all smiled but the guy that had said top me "˜your mum left' I looked at him and the other guy beside him. The guy beside him had brown shaggy hair and pale grey eyes. He smiled and said "I am Collin and that's Ashton" he said pointing to the frowning guy "It's nice to meet you all" I told them smiling and then Austin called "Bed time girls" We all said "Aw" Then our heads turned like they were in sync, we looked at the clock 7:30Pm. Time did fly, but before I left I turned to the little boy I saw me see him "Dan" he said in a single word to me. I nodded and headed up to my room.
  2. I fell asleep into a deep sleep, when I woke I looked at the time 5:30am. I closed my eyes almost; it must have just looked like it because the door creaked open. Whoever it was they put their head in to look around. Only if I haven't fallen asleep on the couch, it was all dark. Aerica must have turned off the light when she left. The figure had something in its hand and it was coming to me. I froze in fear; I really didn't know what do to. Then I could make out with the shape was, it was the shape of a knife. The person stood beside where I was sleeping and was about to bring down then knife when I screamed and rolled off the couch and ran out the door and down the stairs. I tripped over and realised that the figure was not coming after me. No one must of herd me scream, I was frozen on the stairs and after 5 minutes then figure decided it was safe and came down the stairs with the knife. I screamed louder and louder until I had to get my breath back, I heard footsteps coming to help me and the figure bent down and whispered in my ear "I will be back, you just got lucky" It was a man's voice, it was also hash. The light flashed on, I could see now the figure was dressed in black all over and I could not see his face at all. The girls were at the top of the stairs by the boys were down the bottom. I and the figure were in the middle; the figure pulled away from my ear and looked up at the boys that were, looking shocked. The figure ginned "I left a note for you all, it's in Isabella's room on her desk. I only want her to read it" he said pointing at me. Ash pulled out a gun; he got dizzy and fell to the ground. He shot the gun and it was going to hit my head. They were screaming "don't shoot" but then a flash of light came and the gun faded away and so did the dark figure. Everyone ran to me, a million questions were going at once. But I just wanted to get to my room, "Help me up" I commanded they did and I broke into a sprint. They didn't come after me, I just ran and found a black rose and a red rose on my desk and beside the each one rose was a letter. I went to read the letter near the red rose first.
  3. Dear Miss Isabella, we are very sorry that you were attacked tonight. I hope you recover quickly, don't be fooled by the black rose and latter. They will try many tricks like that, you should just be happy that your proctor saved you. Of course they will be back again and you will have you answers soon and be safe and never fall for the tricks. Ps: Never do what letters say. Want to send a letter back send it to ####
  4. I stared at the last part for awhile. I looked at the address and also the Never do what letters say. I have a feeling it's trying to warn me about something. Not just to be careful and do what letters says but do not trust anyone? I shake my head and hear everyone come in, Austin grabs the letter and starts reading it. They repeat "Never does what letters say" he mumbles it a 3 times and then asks "What does the other one say" I pick up the letter and I fall on my knees. I pass the letter slowly to Austin who reads it for all to hear "Whispers, shadows, screams and dreams. Let the first to see be cursed in dreams, she shall be Isabella. See the fire, see that dead see the people who will make you wish you were dead" Austin finished and stared at everyone. I cold wind came in but there was no window open, so I don't just see the dead. I can feel them. Everyone stared at me, I shrugged and stood up. I wobbled and tripped over lucky Ash was right was there.
  5. He caught me and put me on my bed, he turned to see Austin's serious face. Aerica looked at Austin and asked "can we start waking up at six tomorrow?" Austin nodded and everyone plied out of the room but Ash, Collin and Austin. I shivered as the cold wind hit me again "Why me" I asked them my lips were as cold as ice, "Because your different" Collin told me and left the room. I didn't know what I meant I just forgot it and went to sleep.
  6. ~The dead must move on~
  7. I woke at 7:00, I pulled myself slowly out of the warm bed, I blushed my hair so many times I thought if I blushed it anymore, It would fall out. I got dressed and sat at my desk and looked at the red rose and letter, I started to write
  8. Dear whoever I am writing to, I don't understand. Why is it me? I am cursed; I think I just had my last good night sleep for the year. I am with seeing sprits and having bad dreams, what did I do to anyone? No one will tell me what's going on, the girls don't know! Or do they? Please help me, Isabella...
  9. I read it over and over again until I put it in a seal and walked down stairs. The girls were eating "Isabella, can I have your food?" Aerica asked me. I nodded; at least someone was acting normal. I looked at the tables, they were white. But something caught my eye out the window, it was a figure. I walked over slowly to the window; I could see meadows in the distance. The sun had its ray on someone my age; he was on a hill playing with a flower he had picked. The flower was a red rose; images of that night came back into my head. He had golden brown hair and golden brown eyes; he was a light tan colour. Lying on his back, he seemed off in his own world. I was stared out the window not knowing who was behind me someone taped me on the shoulder. I sprang around to see it was just Ash; he started talking to all of us "You are safe, we promise" he said staring out the window looking at with me. I caught his eyes to see we were he was looking, straight at the boy as well. Then a flash of light and he was gone, there was a bang behind me. I rushed around to see it was Dan, he had dropped his plate. I shifted slightly to the left, away from Ash. Dan was murmuring sorry by everyone but Ash and I picked them up. I kept my eye on Dan but said to Ash "who was he" Ash didn't say anything but "you will see" I left it at that. Then I looked over beside Kelly, there was a girl with the same red hair and green eyes. She had burn marks everywhere and oil dripping from her. Around her neck were burses and a huge one on her head. No one looked at her, was I seeing the dead? I got my answer when the girl said "help" No one seemed to hear her. I didn't have to the find out more because Aerica was dragging me somewhere. I....
  10. ~THE END~ (for now, keep reading)
  11. Okay, I will keep going with this but I wont post it on here until I have done more. Please comment to tell me if I should post it or not. It would mean alot okay but you dont have to but I would love if you did

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