Are you a Home-Owner-Ist or a free market capitalist?

There has been some terrible confusion over the distinction between proper capitalism and corporatism over the past few decades. One of the worst kinds of corporatism is something called "Home-Owner-Ism".

Find out whether you really understand economics or whether you've fallen for the Home-Owner-Ist propaganda - possibly out of naked self-interest - by taking the quiz.

Created by: Mark Wadsworth of Mark Wadsworth
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  1. 1. All other things being equal, when house prices increase we become...
  2. The rental value of any plot of land is roughly equal to the burden placed on the rest of society by virtue of them being excluded therefrom.
  3. The most important type of 'private property' is:
  4. The estate agent's mantra "Location, location, location" is another way of saying that "Land values are created by the community".
  5. Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Henry George and Milton Friedman all said that taxing land values was preferable to taxing labour and profits. They were:
  6. What percentage of the UK by surface area is covered by homes and gardens
  7. As an economy grows, the fraction of the economy which can be collected in ground rent...
  8. When a landlord collects ground rents, he is...
  9. If you sell land, you are collecting the net present value of the rental value of that land.
  10. Which of the following increases the level of owner-occupation:

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Quiz topic: Am I a Home-Owner-Ist or a free market capitalist?