What's the best work from home job for you?

Do you want to work from home but don't know what you should do? If you've always wanted a career based in your home but not known which type of home working suited you best then this is the quiz for you.

Answer the questions to find out what type of home worker you are, Social, Out and About, Sales or Stay at home, and find suggestions about the home working roles that might suit your style.

Created by: careersadviser

  1. Which of these best describes your social situation?
  2. When you feel passionatley about something, how do you let other people know?
  3. Do you have caring commitments that restrict what you can do?
  4. If you contracted an infectious disease and you had to stay in isolation indefinitely, how would you feel?
  5. When you have lots to do, how do you make sure it all gets done?
  6. What sort of work environment would you like best?
  7. How did you feel about school?
  8. What's your idea of the perfect Christmas?
  9. How would your best friend describe you?
  10. If you won the lottery what would you do?

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