Which Home Improvement Character Are You?

Are you a Home Improvement character? Being one of the Home Improvement characters will help if you have the same hobbies, traits, and more in your everyday life with your friends, cousins, and everyone!

Do you know what it takes yourself to be one of these middle-school kids? Well, take the quiz and find if you're C.C., Brad, or Grace! Do you also wonder you have the same characteristics as them as they are in the tv show?! Take the quiz!

Created by: Madeline
  1. If you had a life-sized cardboard cutout of yourself, you'd:
  2. When you have trouble making a decision, where do you turn for help?
  3. If a computer program could assess your personality and set you up on a date with someone, you'd:
  4. How will you feel if this quiz gives you a new nickname?
  5. If one of your teachers set up a computer monitor at the front of class so she could teach all her classes from home, you'd be:
  6. Which of these is the freakiest?
  7. You'd love to get graded on:
  8. Dodgeball:
  9. People would describe you as...
  10. What do you like to do in your free time?

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Quiz topic: Which Home Improvement Character am I?