Are you a hero or a villain?

Every good story needs a hero and a villain. The hero is nothing without his dreaded foe. The villain has little purpose if not to attempt - and most likely fail - to defeat the hero. Heroes and villains. Good and evil. Ying and Yang. But as time went on, it got a bit more complicated than that. Sometimes, the hero would take a wrong turn, or develop a flaw- or make a potpourri of bad decisions along with a gallery of negative traits- and shall become a anti-hero. On the other hand, a villain may feel guilt for his/her actions, not be aware that his cause is wrong or even be held to do evil against his will. And thus, we have the anti-villain.

Also along for the ride are the turncoats; characters who like to take a walk on the side of sainthood and sin, often switching alliances and changing sides. You may even have a true neutral; a character who doesn't seem to be compelled to fight for either cause, but still manages to be significant to the story. Which are you in a work of fiction? Would you be the protagonist of your own story? Or the Lucifer of someone else's? Or any manner of things in between? Take this test and find out. Enjoy!

Created by: Savannah
  1. Which of the following elements do you identify most closely with?
  2. Do good intentions justify bad actions?
  3. What exactly is this "evil" thing everyone keeps talking about?
  4. You have a final exam and you forgot to revise for it. Sat next to you is one of the smartest people in the class, who is whizzing through the exam. If you were guaranteed never to get caught, would you copy off them?
  5. How easily do you forgive and forget?
  6. When it comes to bullying...
  7. Do you want children someday?
  8. Which of the following do you most closely identify with?
  9. Which of the following space-features appeals to you the most?
  10. You have defeated your enemy. At the moment he is weak, on the ground, panting and injured. He has tried to hurt the people you love, and has caused much anguish in your life. He has even killed a person. You do not know if his defeat will mean he'll stop his dark plans or not. He is defenceless, and you have a gun. You live in a lawless world where the police and justice system has been overthrown, so jailing him is not a option. What do you do?
  11. Honesty is...
  12. Whats more important; Knowledge or Wisdom?
  13. So there's a war on. Your family and friends are on one side of the war, but you don't believe in the cause they are fighting for. The other side of the war you believe is the most innocent party, and is more worthy of your support. Which side of the war do you join?
  14. When you think of power, you think of...
  15. Your significant other has just broken up with you after 1 year and 8 months of going steady. How do you feel?
  16. You are in antique shop with a friend, and she accidentally smashes a vase worth £/$ 50. The shop owner did not see it happen, and asks which one of you did it so he could fine you appropriately. Do you take the blame for your friend?
  17. Would you say your sane?
  18. If you were a primary character in a book, what genre do you think it'll be?
  19. "Defy and win."
  20. Which of the following do you fear the most?
  21. What would you risk your life for?
  22. How do you cope with failure?
  23. Which of the following lyrics appeal to you the most?

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Quiz topic: Am I a hero or a villain?