your super hero power

There are so maney regulare people out there but few true heros.Being a hero means having a power and using it for good.not for stealing or joking.du du dun

Are you a hero.Do you have the qualitys to back it up.Do you qualify for that tittle.You could only wonder. until now.With this quiz you can see if you are amazing engough to were the hero title

Created by: josh

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who would you rather die?
  2. whats your favorite color
  3. wouid you rather live in a Mansion or an orphan
  4. Which animal would you rather have
  5. What would you rather do
  6. are you a master of camouflage?
  7. Are you strong(tell the truth)
  8. can you tell what people are thinking
  9. Are you street smart
  10. are you trying to bulk up
  11. do you like pratical jokes
  12. Do you like tacos

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Quiz topic: My super hero power