Super Hero, Side Kick or Villain?

There are many people out there who wonder if they are a side kick, super, hero or villain. But what is a super hero? A buff dude in tights? No. & a side kick? A lame servant to a hero? no. & finally villain an evil old guy? no!

Are you one of the above or do you have no clue. Just for fun or really want to know? In this test you will soon know what you are and if you are good, evil or both! :) Have fun!

Created by: WL

  1. Are you courageous?
  2. Do you act when you need to help?
  3. How helpful are you?
  4. Are you determined to do whats right?
  5. Would you risk an injury to help someone in need?
  6. Say a bus full of kids has been run off the road and many are horribly injured what do you do?
  7. Are you athletic?
  8. A man is trapped stripped to a bomb you...
  9. Are you conceded?
  10. Do you have points of view, knowledge or skills?
  11. Are you funny?
  12. What do you think you are?
  13. What supper power would you have?

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