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Welcome hero you found out you got superpowers but now you need a super suit rather than wearing your normal clothing well unless you were the hulk where you rip your clothes but shrinking back is going be kinda hard

Oh and if your a villain still take the quiz but I warn you there might not be any villain costumes in here and before you go if you get the hulk go to my next quiz called Are You The Hulk

Created by: Brayden Brown

  1. Are you flexible
  2. What are your weapons
  3. Would you wear your costume under your clothes
  4. What power would you have
  5. How would you get your powers
  6. Do you have a Secert identity
  7. Would you be a hero,anti hero,or villain
  8. If you were the hulk and you were transforming what would you say
  9. Did you like the test (Part 1)
  10. Did you like the test (Part 2)
  11. Did you like the test (Part 3)

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