What 3 Superpowers should you have?

Superpowers would be absolutely AMAZING to have, a total life changing experience! But you never see a superhero with just one superpower or inhuman ability!

If you had a set of incredible superpowers, what might they be? How would they change you as a person, what kind of hero would you become, and how might you use your newfound powers to save the world? Consider your answers CAREFULLY!

Created by: ElijahBuckout
  1. What is (or was) your best subject in School?
  2. Which of these sounds the most appealing?
  3. Which color sounds the most appealing, out of the given choices?
  4. Which of these would you want to be?
  5. How do you identify socially?
  6. Let's say you faced a mugger in a shadier part of town, cornered in an inconvenient location. What might you do?
  7. Your friend is injured badly, and needs medical attention! What would you do?
  8. Located in a building are three things, A book with the proper equations needed for light-speed travel, a vial of cancer medicine, and the Declaration of Independence. The building could collapse any second, in what order do you grab the items?
  9. Now for a less urgent decision, which of the vacations sounds the most ideal?
  10. Now for the final question, are you Brave?

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Quiz topic: What 3 Superpowers should I have?