Which Ben 10 alien are you ?

Have you ever dreamed of having superpowers , dreams of becoming a superhero ? If not , then try this quiz . I'm sure it will fascinate you . Now try the quiz , please .

Superpowers are not only fictional , if you use them correctly , with the urge to destroy the evil , then it will sure come into you . Now , by attempting this great quiz , you will find out soon .

Created by: Kunal Dhawan
  1. Which feature would you like to get in you ?
  2. What superpower would you like to have in you ?
  3. What do you like ?
  4. What group of Ben 10 aliens describe your personality best ?
  5. What is your personality ? Are you ..... ?
  6. Do you like aliens ?
  7. Do you like Ben 10 ?
  8. Do you like this quiz ?
  9. If you could transform yourself into a Ben 10 alien , then who would it be ?
  10. Finally , if you had superpowers , then what would you use them for ?

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Quiz topic: Which Ben 10 alien am I ?