Do you have superpowers?

Do you have superpowers?I mean only a few special people with a lot of magic get that title.But remember!If you have superpowers always use them for good not evil!

Do you have superpowers?Are you ready to take on the world with your magic?Well if you are let’s get right on in with the quiz and see if your right..

Created by: ReadAholic
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  1. Have you ever stared at something for a little while and then it moved?
  2. Have you ever saw what was gonna happen the next day and it happened?
  3. Did you ever want someone to say something and they said it.
  4. Have you ever somewhat levitated?
  5. Did you ever get angry and the person you got angry at started getting hurt?Choking,lose of breathing,etc?
  6. Are you EXTREMELY flexible?
  7. Have you ever sort of traveled back in time?
  8. Have you ever just tap something and the whole thing rattled?or nudged someone and they started crying?etc?
  9. Can you run like a cheetah?
  10. Lastly,did you enjoy my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I have superpowers?