Which ArrowVerse Villain Are You?

Genres of my speech/writing:Comedy(That's it) In this Quiz you answer questions(Obviously)on which Arrow Verse Villain you are like.It's pretty simple. That's all I have to explain I can't think of anything else to say other than good luck.I guess...

Well I going to write nonsense because I honestly can't think of anything to write like I've said in other paragraphs.This is based on Dc comics which is super hero related stuff.I will obviously do marvel as well but for now here's what you get! :) Oh! Also.The results/answers don't mean anything In real life there just here for fun,nothing to do with real life aspects.I hope...

Created by: PoopSquiggles

  1. Can you relate to any of the Arrow Verse Villain characters?
  2. Who is your favorite character?
  3. Which series do you enjoy more?
  4. Who do you wish to see make a return in future seasons?
  5. Who did The Flash have a hard time defeating?
  6. Who do you think Arrow had a hard time defeating?
  7. Which villain was the smartest?
  8. If there was a Villain based series who would you want in it?
  9. Obviously I got to add this question.Which super power would you want to have?
  10. Are you ready to see the results?

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Quiz topic: Which ArrowVerse Villain am I?