Which superpower would you have?

Everybody has ever dreamed of having a superpower. People get influenced by movies, games or books. In some of these fictional stories there is just one power, in others there are multipile powers. There are a lot of powers of which you could think of!

Which power would you have? Time to find out! Would you be more like one of the X-Men, or would you be a part of the inFamous games? There are a lot of more powers, some of them aren't even from famous movies/books/games. Have fun!

Created by: Da Luuk

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  1. You're surrounded by 3 enemies. One with a gun, one with a flamethrower and one who is very, very strong and skilled with his hands and feet. You have a superpower, but I ain't gonna tell you which one. How would you escape?
  2. What game/book/movie you like the most?
  3. What would you like the most? Sometimes, I'd like to...
  4. When I'm alone, I think of...
  5. For what goal you would use your superpowers for?
  6. You admire
  7. What would you rather be?
  8. Who would you rather be?
  9. What sort of tv movies/series do you like?
  10. How did you get your powers?
  11. You have to cross a river with piranha in it, and there's a metal, but broken bridge over it. There's also a boat, but the boat belongs to a knight who will fight you if you take the boat. What would you do?
  12. You're in a fight, and there are enemies shooting at you. You have to stop them. You...
  13. How would you describe yourself?
  14. Last question: you are a prisoner in Alcatraz (heavily guarded prison on an island near the coast of San Francisco) You try to escape. You have a superpower. How would you escape?

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