Find Your Superpower!

So many quizzes today claim to be able to tell what your true power could be, but they base all of their data off of the wrong stuff, like your zodiac sign, or even your favorite type of ice cream! What does that have to do with superpowers?

this quiz is especially designed to tell what superpower you might just have! By targeting key personality points, we are able to tell all about your true personality, and make educated guesses about who you really are!

Created by: Ion Blast

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  1. You are called about 6 crisis around the world. They are... -Nuclear Bomb explosion in Tokyo! -Infiltration mission in Paris! -Prisoner Riot in Alcatraz! -Golden Gate Bridge Collapses! -President Kidnaped in D.C! -Robots riot in New York! Which one do you chose?
  2. Which best describes you?
  3. Which best describes you?
  4. Which best describes you?
  5. Favorite Number?
  6. What is your personality like?
  7. What best describes you?
  8. If you had the choice, would you be a...
  9. Which would you be most likely to do?
  10. If a you were confronted with man who wanted to fight with you, would you...

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Quiz topic: Find my Superpower!