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  • "Good days where I swear we were all on crack lolol saw that message and while I don't use that app a whole lot..add me back bis"
  • "And where can I pester you more where you'd check more often. I miss you chfgggbdj"
  • "YES ITS RETURNING I SAW BETH MAKE A POST ABOUT IT ON FB A WHILE AGO Only Nate won't be there. Poor dude is getting metoo-ed by"
  • "Bruh wtf. Time for me to fight them ig Also. Leverage is returning"
  • "Night in jail?? Boi what did you do 😤"
  • "I h9 that I missed you. Again. But I had the best times here with you too :') even if I spent a lot of time overcompensating for the "
  • should I tell my teacher
    "^^^^ You used other available resources to get the assignment done. Probably a lot quicker than having to go back into the book to try"
  • Well sheeit.
    "Ohdayum :o"
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "That's good then. When your able to buy programs, CSP ex is a good program. You can get that version on ebay for much less than they have it..."
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "Anytime If and/or when you get into digital if you haven't already, got for clip studio paint ex. Less expensive than Photoshop. Only "
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    " Th"
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "I found a couple sites like quick poses but kinda prefer that one more when I can't use any 3d models. I wish I did :') for that I us"
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "Tiddies are always fun to draw Quickposes is a good site to use. You can either time yourself to challenge and improve. Or just find a"
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "It will. If you haven't already, figured studies can help. Like quick sketches of people in different poses to help get anatomy down. Refere..."
  • Kitkat's Art Thread
    "Always a mood with old art. The handful of links I checked out vs now.. That improvement is always the best. Very cute style "

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