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  • What do you know about Def Leppard?
    [published: Jul 11, 2011]

    some people claim they know this and that about Def Leppard. some claims are false,true,…

  • Return to Castle Wolfienstine
    [published: Jan 27, 2011]

    the only two reasons i made this quiz is because i was bored, and felt like making a quiz about one…

  • how random r u?
    [published: Nov 24, 2010]

    this quiz is made out of pure randomness. there is a trick question in there somewhere, if u figure it out, post…

Kitsune's Recent Posts

  • "Of course. The thread has to live up to its name"
  • "I'm back from the dead~ Well, sorta. I haven't seen it anywhere and I don't really care as much"
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "Surprisingly didn't take that long to find it despite his many beautiful posts lol It'll be ready for you on facebook"
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "He took a screen shot of it and posted it on his insta. Saying something like "you sad people" I'll try digging up the post"
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "I just hear about it when it comes up. Rant with some friends and feel slightly better after getting it out of my system. Those poor babies ..."
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "Yeah. Pushed Onew to not participate in the Dome concerts to reflect on what all happened. He's promised to stay faithful to the investigati..."
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "I'll put it it in my bag when I get home today so I don't have to worry about remembering to bring it tomorrow. It's more of wh"
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "They are~ Block B is the always lovable dorks that are always so extra Then Bastarz shows a completely different look to at leas"
  • Blow a kiss, Fire a gun
    "You can never go wrong with Block B :') Always the best lovable huge dorks Part of me wishes that for the Bastarz album I got, t"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "Okie dokie~~"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "Yus~~ Just lemme know when you send a message pls I've gotten a lot of new messages from random accounts I've never see"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "Sweet~~ I'll give both so you have them either way. Kik: AkaneKit Messenger: Chiyo Kitsune I've long since"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "Lol yeah. What all do you have? I have.. A bit of a handful to choose from so whichever is best for you~ Skype Discord"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "It has lol Eh. Line was dead at one point during the day/night and I had an urge to finally get back into contact with some friends he"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "Yus~~ it is"

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