Who's? your akatsuki partner

There many great Akatsuki members, but this 4 are the elite of the elite of the akatsuki. After taking this quiz you will find out who are best partner if you join the akatsuki.

Are you a person who wants to join the Akatsuki? If are the here is a quiz that will show who is the best match for your partner. In a few minutes you will find out

Created by: Ben
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  1. Your friend has betreayed you and became the leader of a group you created. What would you do to they
  2. You were order to kill your family because they are planning a coup of the village. What would you do
  3. You had a chose save your partner or get great power to become unstopable. Which one do you choice
  4. Who's your favorite Akatsuki members
  5. Favorite Akatsuki weapon
  6. Favorite village
  7. What would you do if you were the Head of Anbu and find out Uchiha are planning a coup
  8. if you were leader of a village which one would it be
  9. Which Kage would you be if could
  10. If you could chose who would lead the Akatsuki who would it be

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Quiz topic: Who's? my akatsuki partner