should I tell my teacher

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Thread Topic: should I tell my teacher

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    I got a perfect score on this timed writing (an essay you have to write within the hour using a prompt you're seeing for the first time)
    and I got a 299/300 on this really long (6 pages) research paper

    problem is that I didn't even finish reading the book these assignments were over and I used Sparknotes and Wikipedia a lot
    am I humblebragging with this post? hella. but while it does make me feel cool, I also feel really guilty. I feel like maybe I should tell her (not now; at the end of the year) but also I don't want her to be mad at me and I think she would feel very betrayed and annoyed
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    Stability Junior
    lmao nah
    you did your research and got what you got
    whatever it takes, man
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    take it and roll, man. you did what you had to do and quite frankly it's incredible how well you pulled it off using mostly Wikipedia. a good grade is a good grade overall.
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    Kitsune Senior
    You used other available resources to get the assignment done. Probably a lot quicker than having to go back into the book to try and find something particular.
    When it comes to it, you just made use of other things that were there for you. I don't think she said you can only use the book based off what you said, so you still aren't doing anything wrong. It's good to use multiple sources for things

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