Return to Castle Wolfienstine

the only two reasons i made this quiz is because i was bored, and felt like making a quiz about one of the most addicting games i have.. on the computer

this quiz serves one purpose, and one purpose only, see how much you really know about the game xP taking the quiz it'll show how much you know, blah blah blah..

Created by: Kitsune

  1. How gory is the game?
  2. What does the first boss look like?
  3. What is the name of the second boss?
  4. What did the 'Dark Master' to the chick w/ the interesting tattoos after she summoned him?
  5. The scientists created a creature, what did it do to them?
  6. the creature that was created, is it tall, or short, and wat weapon does it use?
  7. What happens to both of the bosses when you kill them?
  8. which village do you have to remain undetected?
  9. how many missions r there for the escape of the castle?
  10. in one mission, you have to protect something from dieing, wat is it?

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