Castle Jesters' KSA Quiz

Whats a true KSA'er with no "Knowledge" to know about it, having no "Skill" within what it is.. and no "Ability" as to working out Quizzes?? Yes, that right! Quizzes! Here, you can test your knowledge on what you know of KSA, now.. go on.. try it. xD

Thanks to this Quize by the KSAFusion Castle Jesters (Events Team), you can see how much you know about us.. Good Luck to all that take part! Come to the Castle Jesters HeadQuaters to find us... #KSAEvents (

Created by: James Ellis

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who runs
  2. Whos Quote? "How j00 like them apples?!"
  3. What is Teh_Heyhey's IRC Chat greeting message?
  4. Name the Old School Member:
  5. Who Was Voted KSA's Best Graphic Artist In October 2007?
  6. Slogan?
  7. What is KSA's main IRC Chat Channel?
  8. Name of Heyhey...
  9. Who Leads "Content" & "Events Team"? Note: Look at the way the Question is structured.
  10. Day in February of KSA's Aniversary's...

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