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  • What colour is your soul?
    [published: Jan 9, 2011]

    The colour of your soul says a lot about your personality. It is impossible to know exactly what that…

  • Why will you be murdered?
    [published: Jan 5, 2011]

    Why will you be murdered? Will the tragedy be your fault, or someone elses? Will you have conned the…

  • The smart quiz!
    [published: Jan 1, 2011]

    This is the smart quiz! Are you smart? Really? You need to take this quiz to test your intellect. Have fun!…

  • What is your personality type?
    [published: Dec 23, 2010]

    There are four personality types. Quiet, Outgoing, Mixture, and Different. Each on is equal, and…

  • How lucky are you?
    [published: Dec 21, 2010]

    Luck is a wonderful and rare thing to have. Most people only have a small amount of luck, which is…

  • Magic- when will you die? Accurate!
    [published: Dec 18, 2010]

    This quiz is only for entertainment! Many quizzes tell you how you will die, but only some…

  • Half full or half empty?
    [published: Dec 11, 2010]

    The glass. Half full or half empty? It depends on you! Half full is optimistic, and half empty is…

  • If your hair/eyes could be any color...
    [published: Dec 8, 2010]

    There are 3 results. I won't tell you what they are, but I do know one thing... One is a…

  • How much do you know about the Gotoquiz changes?
    [published: Dec 7, 2010]

    Do you think you know anything about this site? Well, do you? This informative…

  • Do you make good passwords?
    [published: Dec 4, 2010]

    Passwords protect your identity, so why do people not take them seriously? Passwords are a…

  • Meh, Me, or Ma?
    [published: Nov 30, 2010]

    Me, Meh, and Ma are three different words for me. Two are LOLspeak while the other is normal English. I prefer…

  • Are you similar to me?
    [published: Nov 29, 2010]

    I am myself. And you are yourself. But we could be similar! I am a very unique person as I do not fit in…

  • Are you really nice?
    [published: Nov 28, 2010]

    Thank you for choosing my quiz. Nice people are good, but the best thing to be is in the middle from…

  • Are you clairovoyant?
    [published: Nov 9, 2010]

    Clairvoyance is a gift where you know things you would not have known of in some other way. Clairvoyant…

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