Are You Weird or Normal?

This is my quiz for anyone to take! It will tell you if your normal, weird, or kinda-weird. Some people think they are weird, but are you really that weird?

We are all unigue in our own way. Being weird is different, being different makes you stand out, standing out makes you unique! So I think being weird is awesome!

Created by: Jenni5547969

  1. Do you talk to your ceiling?
  2. Do you name your shoes?
  3. Do you have a imaginary friend?
  4. Is his name Bob?
  5. Do you run around in circles screaming histarically?
  6. Do you skip around yelling " AHH, HELP ME! " ?
  7. Do people say your weird?
  8. Do you think your weird?
  9. Do you say weird things?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Weird or Normal?