How lucky are you?

Luck is a wonderful and rare thing to have. Most people only have a small amount of luck, which is unfortunate. And true luck is rare. That large of an amount of luck... WOW!

Are YOU truly lucky? Yeah, I'm not surprised you didn't know. But this quiz will tell you. Very difficult to beat, but fun, I guarantee this quiz will satiate your curiosity! Have fun!

Created by: Keren

  1. Choose a number.
  2. Now a letter:
  4. Choose a word-see above.
  5. Choose a number.
  6. Again.
  7. Choose a body part-see above.
  8. Choose a letter.
  9. Choose a word:
  10. Pick a symbol.
  11. Choose a letter.
  12. Choose a letter.

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Quiz topic: How lucky am I?