Don't Spill the Salt: Test Your Luck!

Superstitions are pseudoscientific “theories” based on causal relationships. People form these causal relationships when they see a correlation between an action and an unfortunate or fortunate circumstance. Superstitious ideals can be passed down by experience, word of mouth, cultural references, and teachings which one might not know are pseudoscientific. A common superstition is that spilling salt leads to bad luck if one does not immediately throw salt over their shoulder. The belief is that spilling salt causes demons who wield bad luck to appear, and the salt will get into their eyes and scare them, and subsequently that bad luck, away.

This quiz tests your luck by a randomly generated set of correct answers that are assigned to one of four answers which appear to be the same. The more you guess correctly, the higher your luck.

Created by: ChiChi White

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  1. Test
  2. Test
  3. Test
  4. Test
  5. Test
  6. Test
  7. Test
  8. Test
  9. Test
  10. Test

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Quiz topic: Don't Spill the Salt: Test my Luck!