How Superstitious are you?

You've heard that walking under ladders, spilling salt, seeing black cats and smashing mirrors cause bad lick right? Well want to find out how Superstitious you really are? I bet you'll be taken by suprise at how many things you actually believe about the world of Superstition.

By taking this quizz you can find out how much you believe in Superstition. It will give you a percentage and a brief explanation, go on, try out the quizz you never know what your outcome will be. If you score low then your not much of a believer, if you score high then Superstitious is your middle name.

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If someone opened an umbrella inside, which of the following would you most likely do?
Panic! - you know that opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck!
Feel slightly uncomfortable knowing that opened umbrellas have been said to bring bad luck
Don't worry about it, its all a myth
If a ladder were left aside a wall and the only way around it to avoid going under the ladder was blocked by a crowd of people, which of the following would you most likely do?
Wait patiently until the people move out of the way
Politely say 'Excuse me' so you are able to walk past
Take your chances and walk under the ladder
Your sitting in a restaurant and lean over to reach for your drink, while doing so you notice you have just accidently spilt the salt, which of the following would you most likely do?
Quick! Iv'e got the throw some over my left shoulder!
Erm I'll grab a pinch and throw it, you never know what might happen
Pick the salt up knowing it was only an accident
If a mirror fell and smashed, which of the following would you do?
Think to yourself 'Hey I didn't brake it-who cares?'
Say 'Oops, never mind I'll just buy another'
Sit in the corner sucking your thumb sulking about the seven years of bad luck to come
'If you brag about something or speak aloud of some very good news, you are supposed to knock on wood. Knocking on wood is said to ward off the punishment for bragging.' Do you believe in this statement?
Not really, I think Karma has got something to do with it, not Superstition. If you do something good then something good will happen, if you do something bad then something bad will be waiting around the corner
I think that everything that happens in life happens for a reason whether good or bad
Yeh I touch wood just to be on the safe side
Would you let a black cat cross your path?
No! Black cats have been said to cause bad luck-why would I want that?
As much as I like cats I have to say that I do often avoid them
Yeh of course! I love all cats, even black ones
'If a person sneezes you are supposed to bless them.' Do you believe in this statement?
Nah, if you sneeze-you sneeze, its not your fault
I bless them as a way of being polite
Yes I do, I wouldnt want anything bad to happen now would I?
When watching the Lottery on TV, as the numbers individually appear on the screen do you keep your fingers crossed?
Yes, I feel it helps to get that hopeful feeling of having a winning chance
Sometimes, although I do it I no it doesn't make any difference
No, it depends on whether it's your lucky day, crossing your fingers isn't going to help you
If you spot a coin on the floor and pick it up, do you always sing the rhyme-(Find a penny pick it up and all day long you have good luck)?
No, I don't pick things up from the floor, you never know where they have been
I'll pick the coin up but I don't sing the rhyme
Yes, Iv'e tried it a few times and have found that it does actually bring you good luck
Do you believe in all the Superstitions?
Yes, I think that if you follow them you'll be fine and bad luck won't come your way
Erm, I believe in some but not all of them
None of them, they're just all nonense that someone decided to make up one day

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