Do you make good passwords?

Passwords protect your identity, so why do people not take them seriously? Passwords are a letter/number combination to your accounts, to show that its really you! Check out my site!

Some pointers on passwords: 1: Never give it out to ANYONE, except for parents. 2: Make it comlicated, with letters and numbers. 3: But be able to memorize it! Check out my site!

Created by: Keren

  1. Do you talk about your password?
  2. How long is your password?
  3. Where is your password written down?
  4. Do you have numbers in your password?
  5. Is your password one of these?
  6. If it tells you, what does the strengh indicator usually say?
  7. Is your security question easy?
  8. Tell me your Gotoquiz password in comments.
  9. Have you EVER told anyone you have met on-line your password?
  10. Are they complicated?

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Quiz topic: Do I make good passwords?