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This quiz will help you better yourself and become a journalist. Will you make a lot of money? no. But you know that this is passion, and by doing well on this test, you too can have passion and existence. You can do it.

Are YOU a good person? Well I don't care. I hope you are, but if not that's okay too, because taking this quiz won't show that. but it will tell you if you are good at taking tests. because honestly, that's all these things test. Don't worry, you will make it in life. In a couple minutes we will see if you can make it as a journalist.

Created by: samantha
  1. The disc jockey, as a media personality, was made possible by
  2. Philo T. Farnsworth
  3. In the last 25 years, the commervial broadcast networks' (ABC NBC CBS and FOX) share of the prime-time audience
  4. According to TV commentator Jeff Greenfield, commercial television primarily exists
  5. Which of the following is NOT true of sports programming on TV?
  6. Heinrich Hertz
  7. Former FCC Chairman Newton Minow in 1961 said that television
  8. For several years, ____ operated two radio networks
  9. During WWI
  10. Which of the following was NOT true of newsreels in movie theaters
  11. The quiz show scandals of the 1950s
  12. Which of the following is NOT true of the US military practice of embedding reporters with troops in the Iraq War?
  13. Lee de Forest
  14. According to Wilhoit and Weaver's THE AMERICAN JOURNALIST study, which of the following is NOT true?
  15. Identifying a specidic audience segment and programming is called
  16. In the age of the Internet, who bears an increased burden to seek reliable information?
  17. Intellectual property rights
  18. According tot he Pew Research Center, which of the following groups in American society has the lowest percentage of people using the Internet regularly?
  19. During the Civil War
  20. The newest technology in radio today is
  21. Agenda setting, as the term is typically used, refers to the flow of information from
  22. The percentage of people LISTENING to radio that a staion is reaching is called the
  23. According to THE AMERICAN JOURNALIST study, which of the following characteristics does NOT describe a typical journalist
  24. The attitude that some American values are superior is
  25. Cross Ownership is
  26. Edwin H. Armstrong
  27. About 50 percent of all television stations in the US are
  28. The most significant trend in radio today is toward
  29. About ____ TV stations operate in the US
  30. Blanket licensing meant that
  31. Payola
  32. The advantage for advertisers on the Web is
  33. The tendency of journalists to report similar quick conclusions about an event is called
  34. a rating is
  35. The first TV newscasts
  36. The media theory termed "convergence"
  37. The two men who developed network TV and held the country's largest interest in radio were
  38. The internet is completely different from traditional media because of
  39. The term "demographics" refers to
  40. What is "viral marketing"?

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