The smart quiz!

This is the smart quiz! Are you smart? Really? You need to take this quiz to test your intellect. Have fun! Please rate and comment! Thanks! Oh, and don't take it too seriously.

Smart is smart is smart is not bad! Its good! Stop teasing smarter people. Without smart people you wouldn't have all of your luxuries! Remember that!

Created by: Keren

  1. Now for straight factual questions. What is 170+45?
  2. Which word is not spelled correctly?
  3. Are foxes and oselots both canine?
  4. Which kills you faster?
  5. Riddles. Los mom had four children, Lu, La, and Lo. Who was the fourth child?
  6. A plane was flying over the border between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It crashed and everyone died. What side were the corpses buried?
  7. What would probably not kill you, but hurt you?
  8. Misc. and facts- What is the 14th letter of the alphabet?
  9. 3{f}={g}3 f=6 name g.
  10. What does the prefix:ped mean?

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