are you a text addict

there are texters but there are very few people that are good enought to get to call themselves addicts! ITS NOT A BAD THING I SWEAR! its a good thing!

are you a txt addict do ya do ya? well take this simple quiz i made to test ya! hurry up and start already! stop reading this! golly! b sure to take this quiz and txt at the same time!

Created by: jerryhowardrox

  1. when you go to the movies do you turn off ur phone?
  2. when you fall asleep what do you dream of?
  3. r u thumbs buff?
  4. what is your words per minute?
  5. what do you do when ur phone breaks?
  6. how high is your texting bill?
  7. how many people do you text at a time
  8. querty!
  9. can you text without looking
  10. do you text and drive

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Quiz topic: Am I a text addict