Are you addicted to

There are many members of But not all are true VF addicts! Want to find out if you are a VF addict? Then what are you waiting for! Take the damn quiz already.

Are YOU a addict?! Do you not get out of the house enough to qualify for this prestigious title?! Well thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! Muahahahah!

Created by: Jaison
  1. You have set as your home page.
  2. You check VF first (before myspace, livejournal, etc.)
  3. You go on VF Daily. You never skip a day
  4. You own at least one article of clothing with the VF logo or text.
  5. You put a VF sticker on your wall.
  6. You put VF stickers on your personal items (Wallet, books etc).
  7. You have handed out stickers/VF flyers.
  8. You have tagged your VF user name in public.
  9. You have spoken about VF with your friends in real life.
  10. You speak to your VF friends on the phone.
  11. You have met up with people from VF.
  12. Random people have come up to you in public and recognized you from VF.
  13. People call you by your user name in real life.
  14. You don't live in New York, but you went out of your way to visit cybertron or other events hosted by VF.
  15. You plan on going out of your way to travel into NY for cybertron.
  16. You have used a VF wallpaper on your desktop.
  17. You have purchased a year premium for yourself.
  18. You got someone a premium membership as a gift.
  19. You have a secret shrine of Jet in your closet. -insert VF ninja emote-
  20. You learned HTML/CSS and other web languages because of VF.
  21. You spend hours working on your layout/profile content.
  22. You often pull "all nighters" whoring around on VF (browsing).
  23. Your msn/aim/yahoo is filled mostly with people you know from VF.
  24. You think about VF when you're away from your computer and wonder what you're missing.
  25. You have gotten all your friends to join VF.
  26. You've gotten a family member (or members) to join VF.
  27. You have gone on missions to make top rated in the past.
  28. You've taken a screen shot of your top rated or featured member spot.
  29. You are somewhere on the first 10 pages of most rated.
  30. You're in at least 5 cults.
  31. You are active in all of them.
  32. You own more then 2 cults.
  33. You're staff in more then 4 cults.
  34. Your post count on the message boards is getting close to infinity.
  35. You feel as if people on the message boards/cults are like your family.
  36. You go into the VF chat room on a daily basis.
  37. You've said "zomg first comment!1" in Jet's journal

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