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  • The random quiz
    [published: Aug 5, 2012]

    This description is important. You can use these two paragraphs to discuss the topic of the quiz, why you were…

  • The Simpsons. Do u know them?
    [published: Apr 2, 2012]

    Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski (a caricature of Jewish names)[1][2], better known as…

  • How well do you know counting?
    [published: Apr 11, 2011]

    There are many smart people but very few true number geniuses. You can to be one and take this…

  • What is ment to be your hair color?
    [published: Apr 4, 2011, 7 comments]

    There are many smart people but few who know there real hair color. Find out your hair color…

  • How well do you know a girl?
    [published: Mar 28, 2011, 2 comments]

    There are many girl experts but few true girl masters! A girl master is, afterall,quite exceptional.…

  • Which gooshoo are you?
    [published: Mar 25, 2011, 1 comment]

    There are many gooshoo lovers but few true goosh geniuses. A goosh geniuses is someone who studies and…

  • So you think you know Kanga?
    [published: Mar 23, 2011]

    Example:"There are many smart people but few true kanga geniuses.Genius is afterall,quite…

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