How much will other GTQ users like u

Example: Start it up, turn it on we can ride this car. I got the hope in my hands for the coming bar. Up to our necks the river hits us. Go to quiz is good.

You can use these two paragraphs to discuss the topic of the quiz, why you were motivated to create it, hints at the possible outcomes and so on. Please

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  1. Have they written nasty comments about u?
  2. Are u on everybody's favorite list (go to offbeat forum if u don't understand)
  3. Will they miss u if u leave GTQ?
  4. Have u written any nasty comments about them?
  5. Have u ever tried to hack somebody's account?
  6. Have u begged them to take one of you quizzes
  7. Have you started a thread on the forums?
  8. Are you getting bored on GTQ sometimes?
  9. .................... Are u getting bored on this quiz
  10. a

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