How Do I Hate Justin Bieber Let Me Count The Ways

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Do You Hate Justin Bieber?I really hate him.Find out how much you hate him.I hate Justin Bieber I Hate Justin Bieber How about you?That is a song I wrote.

I have nothing to type.They(who is they)won't let me type gibberish so.I am typing full words.Not gibberish I would never type gibberish.Ha I said never.Take that Justin Bieber.

Created by: Sydney

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  1. Do You Gag When You Hear His Songs?
  2. Do You Think He Needs A Haircut.
  3. Do You Think He's Gay/Bi?
  4. Do You Think He Looks Like A Chick?
  5. Do You Hate The Fact That He Got A Movie ,but Sugarland Didn't?(Sugarlands a country band)
  7. I've Run Out Of Questions.
  8. *reads question while a knife is held to my neck* Do you dream about Justin Bieber?
  9. (I'm now a ghost)I've run out of questions.
  10. well this is awkward *rocks on heels* are you?

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