Are you obsessed with Justin Bieber?

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There is many girls who hate, dislike, like and love and are obsessed with Justin Bieber? Are you obsessed? Hmmm, man, I got a lot to say, uh yeah kk. P.S. I'm his #1 fan okay and socks is just a short way of saying pleasure!

Are YOU obsessed with our awesome Justin Bieber!? Let's see? Take this quiz and in just 5 minutes time you will be at your result page! C u there! keep in mine i'm his #1 fan, not u, but u can be his #2 fan. P.S. Socks is just a short way of saying pleasure.

Created by: justinbieber#1fan

  1. What toothpaste does he use?
  2. What's his fave shoe brand?
  3. How many posters are in your room of him?
  4. What's his fave colors?
  5. What's his favorite pizza topping?
  6. What's his fave candy?
  7. What's his weight?
  8. How was he discovered?
  9. What's his height?
  10. Who discovered him?
  11. Is he close to his grandparents?
  12. what type of doggy does he have?
  13. what's his doggy's name?
  14. does his doggy come on tour with him?
  15. what are his best friends name's?
  16. does he have a sis and bro?
  17. in Justin Bieber First Step 2 Forever, what page does he wear a aqua blue hat?
  18. what parody did he use in justin bieber first step 2 forever to one less lonely girl?
  19. what page does he say, "I was dying to get into the recording studio."
  20. in the movie, Never Say Never, what was the grossest, yet funny, thing he did?
  21. what was the scariest part in the movie, Never Say Never?
  22. what instruments does he play?
  23. does he have a ear-ring?
  24. how many pairs of the EXACT same purple supra shoes r in his closet on page 100 in justin bieber first step 2 forever?
  25. what song touches every person who listens to it?

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Quiz topic: Am I obsessed with Justin Bieber?