My Love Life Pt. 1

Hey, this is a Justin Bieber love quiz. The title doesn't say that. Anyway, I don't really like Justin Bieber, but a lot of my friends do so I decided to make this quiz.

This part is kind of short. But in the comments tell me if I should keep going. And I kind of want to give you a name so me name ideas too. Hope you like it!! Enjoy!!

Created by: 1Direction Girly

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  1. "BEEP, BEEP!" My alarm clock yells. "Shut up!" I yell back. The stupid thing doesn't even have a snooze button. Mom says if I fall asleep, I'll says asleep for like, 2 hours. Of corse I deny her and say I just rest my eyes for a few, not 2 hours. I pour out of bed lazily and slowly walk to the bathroom. Today is moving day and I look like a zombie that just went through a bad hair day. I do the regular routine. Take a shower, brush my teeth, comb my wild hair and throw on some clothes. I put on...
  2. "Hon you ready?" My mom calls up. I grab a few more stuff that wouldn't fit int the boxes for the moving truck. "Yeah, just saying goodbye to my room!" I yell back down. I text my best friend that I'm moving right now. She probably won't get it until school's over. I close the door and walk down my old stairs. "Goodbye everything," I say talking to nothing but the house itself. "Hon, let's go." I walk to the car and get in the passengers side. Mom gets in the car quickly and turns it on. I roll down the window an d wave goodbye to the old house. Since my alarm clock woke me up on moving day, my eyes closed slowly.
  3. "Okay, we're here," I hear my mom say. My eyes flick open to see a small castle. It was green, blue and red on the outside. I could hear a small waterfall going in the backyard. The green grass is already low and pretty. There were flowers and little trees in the front yard. To really sum it all up, I am now living an awesome life. "Mom, you didn't tell me we were living in an castle," I say getting out admiring the beautiful view. I hear my mom laugh behind me. "No mom, I'm not kidding. This place is wonderful. How could we ever afford this? And don't you think it's a little big for just two people?" mom just smiles and gets out the car. I hear the moving truck parking and mom gets out the keys to the house. She walks past me and opens the door dramticly.
  4. Inside is even better. From what I can see there is are couches surrounding a giant flat screen. There is quite a bit of space between the couches and the TV. It was like heaven on earth in my house. I walk in a little more to find the kitchen. I am pretty hungry. I see this cool decorated door with flower designs. I open it to see a huge kitchen. My kitchen is about the size of a suite in a hotel. And those are pretty big. My fridge is bigger than my old queen size bed. "Hon, let's go find our rooms. Now there's-" My mom says but I just run past her up the stairs. "Who's gonna help me carry up these suit cases?" she yells up. "Have one of the moving guys help you!" I yell down to her. I see an elevator on the wall to my left. "This place has so many floors it needs an elevator?" I whisper to myself.
  5. I press the button to go up and it blinks. It makes that little bong sound and opens the doors. The smell instantly hits my nose and it smells like a mix of roses and... and a new car smell. I walk onion and only see that this house has 4 floors. I was kind of hoping for like 6. I push the 2nd floor button and feel it go up. It plays elevator music and I sing along. It was Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. Mom is probably gonna work with him. The ding goes and the doors open. The hallway is normal but the doors weren't. They had designs that most likely matched the inside of the room. I open a color with flower designs and opened the door to the wonderful colors green and blue. It is just splattered on the walls like the person who was painting it didn't care. There is a queen size bed, a flat screen hanging on the wall, a desk with a laptop already on it and a walk in closet. I have a big space between the walk in closet. There is also another door that is just plain white. I open it to a big bathroom. It has a big sink and a toliet with one of those fluffy covers. The shower curtain is cool but not really that cool.
  6. "Are you good now?" I heard a male voice say. "Yeah," mom says. I walk out of my room and see a brown flippy haired boy with green eyes helping my mom carry the suit cases. He was cute. He was wearing a shirt that made his eyes pop and show off his abs. I couldnt see exactly right but he either had a 6 pack or an 8 pack. My mom turned around and looked at me. "Did you find a room?" she asked. I nodded my head still staring at mystery boy. Mom just put her hands on her hips and admired the beauty of the hallway. "Mom, you wanna introduce me to your friend?" I say pointing at him. "Oh yes him," She says. "This is Brad, Brad meet ______. She's my single daughter." He laughed and put his hand out. "Nice to meet you," I shook his hand. "I'll see you later," He walked down the stairs. My mom smiles at me but doesnt say anything until she hears the door close. "Ooo, I think someone has a crush," She teases. I look at her like she's crazy. "How did you meet him?" I ask picking up my suit case walking into my room. She follows me in. "Oh, I like this color. And um, he's our neighbor. Right next to us. Did you see the way he looked at you? Wait, of corse you didn't. But I think he likes you." Mom says sitting on the bed. "Ya know, there is an elevator. You guys didnt have to take the stairs." "What, poo," mom is kind of childish. Sometimes I think I'm more grown up than she is.
  7. "So you wanna go to work with me or not?" she asks me looking at my new laptop. I really have nothing to do but unpack, so what the hey. "Let's go!"
  8. "So you wanna go to work with me or not?" she asks me looking at my new laptop. I really have nothing to do but unpack, so what the hey. "Let's go!"
  9. "So you wanna go to work with me or not?" she asks me looking at my new laptop. I really have nothing to do but unpack, so what the hey. "Let's go!"
  10. ---At Work--- "Oh my god!!" I say. "This place is bigger than two hotels put together plus our mansion." My mom jumps up and down. "Yeah I know. You jealous? I get to work with singers and your stuck with boring teachers teaching. Haha!" mom laughs. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but mom on the other hand. She'll toot until she gets arrested. "I get to meet superstars. But for you, sometimes they'll come to the house to do some more buiessness. It will be awesome. Come come my darling, let me show you around." she grabs my hand and showed me everywhere. Half of the time I wasn't paying attention because I saw celebrities and their mangers. In one room, I saw Brintiney Spears. I was gonna say hi, but mom just dragged me on.
  11. I space out thinking about how Britiney Spears might come over to my house for lunch. I run into someone knocking me and them down. "Sorry," I plead getting up. "It's okay," says a voice. I look up to see Justin Bieber. "Hey, I'm Justin. Justin Bieber,"
  12. I smile and say, "Hi, I'm _____ ______. It's nice to meet you." He smiles and- Cliffhanger!!!
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