Warrior Cats Love Story Part 1

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Welcome to a world you make yourself! Here, decisions you make will determine your love life! Be careful, because your answers could just come back, and stab you in the back!

Do you think you're up for it? What if you aren't? I think you're gonna take it anyway XD Enjoy, and please comment. I love to hear feedback, even if it's negative, because that tells me I just need to work harder!

Created by: Sskittykat
  1. You have just woken up to the sound of a noise. You look outside, and it appears to be morning, but just barely. Disturbed by the noise, you look around, but you secretly hope it's ______
  2. It turns out to be your mother, she says it is time to eat. She immediatly brings you to her belly. You peer over her shoulder, and see Glazekit, Tortoisekit, and Shadekit snickering at you. Your reaction is....
  3. The three soon come up to you after your suckling. They all list options of things to do for the day. Glazekit wants to help study herbs, Shadekit wants to hunt, and Tortoisekit wants to wrestle! What do you choose to do?
  4. You have a great time doing whatever it was you choose. Soon afterwards, Lilacstar calls you four into her den. She tells you all that your apprentice ceremony is tomorrow! Your reaction is...
  5. It's the next day, and you woke up bright and early. Lilacstar has just called the meeting, and she is speaking. "We have four new apprentices, will they come forward?" she orders. You, and the three toms all are apprenticed. Something big has happened though. Glazekit has become Maplesong's apprentice! That means he's now the medicine cat apprentice! Your rection is...
  6. Okay... so for feedback, how did you like this? Rate 0-5. 5 Being the best, and 0 being the worst
  7. Okay, well just to fill up the quiz, who did you like the most?
  8. Okay well, I'll leave you with this sort of cliffhanger... :P
  9. Okay well, see you next time I guess
  10. I like trains

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