How well do you know Goldmember?

There are many people in this world that get very obsessed with certain movies so i thought that i would make one about the movie Goldmember which is indeed a very good movie.

In this quiz i ask a veriety of questions from multiple choice to fill in the blank. If you need to make sure your not to obsessed with this movie this is the right quiz for you!

Created by: chelsea
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  1. Who is Mini-Me a clone of?
  2. What does Mini-Me spit into the pee cup at the henchmen physical?
  3. Whats the comet called that Dr. Evil wants to run into the earth?
  4. What does Goldmemer love!?!?
  5. Whats Austin Powers catch phrase?
  6. Translate this sentance: She was the one who was all 6s and 7s.
  7. What does Goldmember pull out of his pants at the end?
  8. Complete this sentance: I love the look of it, the taste of it, the smmell of it_______.
  9. How does it end.
  10. What color is Austins outfit?
  11. What does Foxy pull out of her hair in the car talking to Austin?
  12. Why does Mini-Me switch sides?
  13. What year does Austin time travel to to get to Goldmember.
  14. What song does Mini-Me and Dr.Evil sing in jail.
  15. What does Goldmember keep eating throughout the movie?
  16. Where is the jail located that Dr. Evil and Mini-me go to?
  17. What year do they flashback to when they show Austin and Dr. Evil in the academy/school?
  18. What does fat B****** say when he looks at his crap?
  19. How many sumo diapers are thrown on Austin when hes in the laundry cart?
  20. What does #3 have on his face that everyone stares at?
  21. What accent does Goldmember have that he always says is weird?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Goldmember?