How well do you know a girl?

There are many girl experts but few true girl masters! A girl master is, afterall,quite exceptional. A girl master is who knows everything on a girl from head to toe!!!

Are YOU are girl master??? Do you have the brainpower to be a star??? Until now you could only wonder,but at the end, You will know how much you know in a few minutes!!!

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  1. What are girls favorite colors?
  2. What is a girls favorite animal?
  3. Do all girls have long hair?
  4. What do teen girls do in there free time?
  5. Are all girls cute?
  6. Do all girls have long eyelashes?
  7. What do girls wear to parties?
  8. Hearts or Dimonds?
  9. Angles or Satan
  10. Pink or black?
  11. Cell phone or Wrestling

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Quiz topic: How well do I know a girl?