Are you a Justin Bieber's true fan?

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There are many fans all over the world who are absolutely CRAZY about Justin Bieber! But there are only a **good amount** of true fans. Are you one of them? Take this quiz to find out!

Justin Bieber must've been sent down from Heaven... He is absolutely perfect! He has talent, and has the kindest heart anyone could have! He must be an angel! Are you an angel, Justin? Are you? Are you? Huh huh huh?

Created by: BookPony672

  1. What is Justin's full name?
  2. What star sign is he?
  3. What instruments can he play?
  4. In his concerts, he can most likely been seen wearing...
  5. "You know you love me. I know you care. You shout whenever. And I'll be there. You are my _____."?
  6. "Me plus you. ___________."
  7. When did his first CD come out?
  8. What's his new song called?
  9. Justin can count to 10 in what language?
  10. What song did Justin sing with Usher?
  11. Did he sing a song with Miley Cryus?
  12. Who is Justin Bieber dating?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Justin Bieber's true fan?