How Well Do You Know Justin Bieber?

True Beliebers know absolutely EVERYTHING about Justin Bieber. Do you know absolutely everything about him? If you do you probably scored a 100%. And of you didn't, go back and take the quiz until you get it right!

If you want to be a true Belieber, do whatever it takes. Take this quiz millions of times until you get it right, watch his videos on YouTube, google him, whatever it takes!! When you think you know everything come back and try to get 100%!!

Created by: Veronica

  1. What is Justin's home town?
  2. What is his favorite color?
  3. What is his middle name?
  4. How old was he when he entered the singing contest?
  5. Who's his favorite artist?
  6. What intruments can he play?
  7. What's his favorite candy?
  8. How many siblings does he have?
  9. What are his parent's names?
  10. When's his birthday and how old is he?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Justin Bieber?