What Character From Multiple Fandoms Are You?

As you probably well know, there are hundreds of thousands of fandoms out there. I personally have about seven that I'm a part of, and I have one favorite character (or two, in a couple cases) from each of these fandoms that I absolutely love. I would probably marry most of them if I could!

Which of my favorite characters do you most resemble? Which of their personalities matches up to yours? Play along with me in this little role-playing quiz!

Created by: Ria
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  1. What is your favorite.... drink! There! It's not color! You probably didn't want that one, anyway.
  2. Favorite weapon! What?! You're gonna get someone who's experienced in combat! I guarantee it!
  3. Favorite school subject?
  4. I know this is getting a little annoying, but... favorite book/movie/TV genre?
  5. Role-play time! You are sitting in which place one day when a stranger approaches you?
  6. What is this stranger like? (Go ahead and assume whichever gender you want.)
  7. The stranger leads you through a timey-wimey spacey-wacey portal to...
  8. When you get there, the stranger explains that he/she/it brought you along to resolve a huge conflict. Who or what is your main adversary?
  9. The stranger gives you a super-special, souped-up version of your favorite type of weapon! How do you train for battle?
  10. In the middle of your training, the villain strikes! What does he/she/it use to bring you (and your new team, if you have one) to your knees?
  11. You bounce back from that terrible disaster with the only thing on your mind being the one thing motivating you. What is it?
  12. Finally you face off against the villain! But in order to win, you must make a sacrifice. What do you give up for your goal?
  13. Victory is yours! Afterwards, the stranger approaches you and asks what you will do next. Well, what do you think?
  14. Oh, and about that stranger... What exactly is your relationship by this point?
  15. Now the RP's over, let's get personal again. There are six fandoms being represented here. Which one do you prefer? (Sorry if you like more than one-- I love them all!)
  16. Which character is your favorite out of these options?

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Quiz topic: What Character From Multiple Fandoms am I?