Tom Felton Quiz

There are many fandoms in this world that we call Earth. But there is one fandom, which is one of the hugest fandoms in the world, that many people are a part of.

That fandom is Harry Potter. And this quiz is about one of the actors in Harry Potter, our devious Slytherin, Draco Malfoy. Or as we better know him, Tom Felton.

Created by: Stephanie
  1. What is Tom's favorite car brand?
  2. Which co-star had a crush on Tom in the making of the Harry Potter films?
  3. What is Tom's natural hair color?
  4. What is Tom's nationality?
  5. When is Tom's birthday?
  6. What is Tom's second name?
  7. Which Harry Potter co-star does Tom have a bromance with?
  8. Who does Tom play in Harry Potter?
  9. Who are Tom's favorite Harry Potter characters?
  10. Who was Tom's actual girlfriend?

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