How Well do You No Your Fandoms??

In your life you will only find a few people who can actually tell you any anwser to a question you want to know. Be one of these people In books. And movies. And fandoms.

Do YOU think your smart. Do YOU think you no things. Do YOU think you are smart and know things about all the books and movies out there? Test your intelligence here. Just a simple click of the button and *ping* your quiz has started....

Created by: Saltytears
  1. What happens to Teresa when she gets to the Maze?
  2. What are the wasps called in 'The Hunger Games' that can give you hallucinations when stung?
  3. In 'The 100' who does Clarke lfiest leave Moutn Weather with?
  4. What do Harry Potter and Ron Weasley enchant for Crabe and Goyle to eat in 'The Chamber of Secrets'?
  5. How many victors to be reaped from in 'catching Fire' quarter quell?
  6. In season 2 of Teen Wolf who does Dereck first change into a Warewolf?
  7. In 'the vampire diaries' who is Elena mother?
  8. What spell does Victor Daskov hit Rose and Dimitri with in 'Vampire Academy'?
  9. Who is Percy Jacksons father
  10. What is Rat Mans name in 'The Maze Runner' trilogy?
  11. In 'Vampire Diaries' what supernatural being is Bonnie Benett?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I No my Fandoms??