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  • "For future reference, please just ask us questions, even if you think the answer will be a no. We're very open minded; besides, the "bookmar..."
  • "i like devils/demons a lot, that's one of my main species for rp characters. angels can be pretty nice too, though. my own lau"
  • Something in here
    "Wait, did you get it from cake batter? Not that I'm going to stop, but I am curious"
  • personal thread
    "It's literally just us trying to get GTQ Guy to implement stuff that can help us help y'all. Because we talk over Discord, we never use it t..."
  • Can someone help me?
    "Something like your style, maybe? Or: "
  • Dear GTQ Guy,
    "@Quizmaster— This is a thread for suggesting new content. Bugs should be reported here, in the bug thread: "
  • "Round, chubby birds. Like this: ..."
  • Execute the Homos
    "I have a solution for our grass allergies We can wrap ourselves up in blankets or something so we can still roll without our sk"
  • "Can I have both? Extra context: I once turned down the opportunity to meet Katy Perry after a commercial shoot because I"
  • 24h Thread
    "The mod Q&A is up now. A lot of scrolling for the first page, though."
  • "You can hit Novice by making one quiz. It doesn't have to be good. If you make it and link it here, we can take it, and it will immediately ..."
  • before i say goodbye
    "I'm going to lock this thread. You have been officially warned, and the reason has been thoroughly explained."
  • before i say goodbye
    "Please take some time to consider your actions. In the future, I'm sure we would be happy to discuss your ban status. But for "
  • before i say goodbye
    "If the case is No. 1, you have 2-3 years before you're allowed on the forums. You can continue to make quizzes, but there is a strict no for..."
  • before i say goodbye
    "We looked into your Facebook, as well as past conversations you've had with other users. We have deemed that there are two scenarios which w..."

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