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  • Cats17's thread
    "If you want me to leave, I will. But if I have to continue to warn you for any reason, I will do so, because that is my job."
  • Cats17's thread
    "Mod Guidelines Axel, Drekk, "
  • Cats17's thread
    "Axel's warning was not vague. This IS too much drama. I am giving you a formal warning. Please do not continue to bring up wha"
  • Cats17's thread
    "I'm pretty sure I am me, haha. LordDark is my chatting account, and this is my moderator account. I try to only post "serious" messages on t..."
  • "All three of your requests have been handled, Ellie! "
  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "12.02.2020 We had a peaceful day today. Make sure to practice self care and complete basic hygiene needs daily! "
  • "Hi, FaeSoulGirl! Unfortunately, we are unable to delete accounts right now. You can try emailing GTQ Guy directly! Otherwise, you'll have to..."
  • Sailor Jupiter33
    "If you want to talk to people, blank posting isn't a very good way to do so. It looks as if you are spamming."
  • Minor update
    "Another bump: I unlocked some of the arcade game threads because they got locked."
  • Minor update
    "Bumping to add: I cleared old introductions for people who have posted newer ones. I plan to delete the random blank posts & "hi's" as w..."
  • Minor update
    "I saw some of the threads in our pinned directory were locked due to inactivity, so I unlocked them. "
  • YO
    "I know this is almost a week late, but this is the 2nd time I've recalled you doing this, so I just wanted to say: Please make sure to post ..."
  • Troll #legit 500,000,000
    "Hey, please make sure to post future reports in this thread so we can avoid clutter in F&U! "
  • "@Spice: That's a lot of posts for us to delete! I can handle the requests from your second link, but I'm not sure how to approach your first..."
  • Cats17's thread
    "We do our best to handle them as they come. I've emailed the admin about the issue, and I will email him again soon."

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