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  • "@Jeeshan One of the boss baby accounts seemed to be a troll, but I accidentally marked the post of the wrong one :/"
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    "If you log into the app using a desktop, it should take you through a tutorial on how to use it"
  • "i was asleep."
  • GTQ Guy
    "@princess_girl: I have about 300 accounts on this site, haha. I'm trying to get my main completely deleted, posts and everything."
  • Reintroducing Myself
    "i am so sorry that i missed this. i've been trying to avoid this website and only just checked. someone else gave me a heads up you mentione..."
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    "Name: Néann Motoki (Pronounced "neh-ahn") Age: 49 Gender: Female Appearance: "
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    "Name: Céall Motoki (Pronounced "seh-all") Age: 21 Gender: Male Appearance: "
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    "Name: Nicholas Hyacinthia Langille-Fane Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: "
  • Question...
    "Newbie Novice Junior Experienced Advanced Senior Hotshot Expert Elite Ultra Elite"
  • Hey! I have a question...
    "Moderators are users that have been hand picked by GTQ Guy. We haven't had a new moderator addition to the team in a few years now, but theo..."
  • "We can't delete accounts. It's an admin-only power. :("
  • "Hi Me too atm! :))))"
  • "I love all of u vm even if I don't talk to you at all!!!!!"
  • Brain cancer awareness
  • I Summon Thee
    "(Abel, are you jealous that Cain will eventually get some demonic dick? 🤔) Virgil followed their mother into the kitchen, fold"

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