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  • "😅 I miscalculated how much weight my report would have. Their account has been terminated as a result of the messages being deleted. I deepl"
  • 24h Thread
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    "I will use my super secret special hack a hacked account technique 🔥 🏃‍♀️"
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    "Oh, no, I've been caught! It's time to use my ULTRA MEGA MOD POWER 👊"
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  • Cats
    "You are not exempt from my original warning. Pasting it here to make sure you see it. Please do not comment on "hate" quizzes."
  • "Please stop discussing and interacting with the troll. Moderators will handle the situation as soon as possible. Thank you."
  • "Please do not comment on quizzes such as the one linked here. I understand that you are frustrated and upset, but by commenting, you are giv..."
  • ""
  • "@Usagi & Cinnamon: We are discussing what to do with HxneyMilk. We'll be keeping a close eye on both their posts and quiz comments. Plea..."
  • "Both of these requests have been fulfilled. Thank you for your patience."
  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "02.18.2021 The user Bread mentioned in the previous post seems to have missed their ban warning. We had to handle a post of the"
  • "Done :)"
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    "I moved this to the Theater because the poll is about movies. I voted for Lemonade Mouth. I used to watch that movie over and o"
  • Tigerfang
    "The forums are only allowed for those who are 13 or older. You need to leave until your 13th birthday. If you continue to post after this wa..."

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