Can YOU Survive a Food Attack? (2018 Remake)

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There is a lack of creativity in the world we call earth. Sometimes, however, this creativity sparks bizarre ideas... Like a story about mutated food attacking humans.

Can YOU pick the right answers and survive this horrendous story? Or will you be overwhelmed by the mutated food? Find out by taking this quiz and CAREFULLY reading.

Created by: Dark22978

  1. You are alone. It's nighttime. The cool, brisk air tickles your face and brings you comfort. As you turn onto the next street, you see a dark figure approaching you. It is tall, large, and shaped in... A triangle?
  2. Right before your very eyes is some sort of pizza mutation. It's the size of a car. And, unfortunately, it's blocking your path. What do you do?
  3. Before you can go through with your plan, the pizza starts to charge at you. You turn to run away, but it grabs you with its giant greasy hands. You...
  4. Hopefully, you were smart enough to sit in its grasp and plot your escape. As you do so, you realize that mutated foods of all different kinds are walking around the city. You...
  5. You wrestle your way out of the pizza's grasp and make a run for it. Up ahead, you see other people struggling as well. You...
  6. You contact the army by some number you don't know why you know. They inform you that they are on the way with weapons. You...
  7. You think that your sanity isn't in tact, but who cares? Your planet is being overthrown by giant food. Thoughts race through your mind...
  8. As you think about the army, you hear trucks pulling up. Army men start to jump out of trucks, guns at the ready. By now, people have gotten the idea to run and hide. You...
  9. You decide to go home. After all, home is safer than being out where there will be gun fire. One of the monstrosities approaches you. You..
  10. You ask the giant food why its brethren are attacking your planet. It replies by saying, "Our home planet is lonely."
  11. END!

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