How long you have to stay in a wedgie and what type

What is a wedgie? A wedgie is where someone grabs a victims underwear/panties and pulls them up and causing pain in the victims but/ass. The wedgie is able to do multiple wedgies.

Are you a wedgie receiver? Do you have what it takes to let your friends rip your underwear/panties, and hurt your ass or butt find out another time. Thanks to this quiz you'll find out

Created by: Dreaden
  1. How long do you want a wedgie
  2. How long do you want a wedgie
  3. What type of wedgie do you want
  4. Should you pick the wedgie after
  5. Do you like wedgies
  6. Give yourself a hanging wedgie for 20 seconds and have someone spank you 100 times hard before you proceed
  7. When you did it (if you did) how did it feel
  8. Do you Wana finish this quiz
  9. Will you give yourself the wedgie
  10. If you don't do it you must at least give yourself a hanging wedgie and write a story about it

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