How Long Of A Hanging Wedgie Should You Get?

Well, you take this quiz, here are the rules. For the amount of time given, you must stay in a hanging wedgie. Painful? I don't care. Just take the quiz.

Apparently I have to make a second paragraph, so... Your results will tell you what you're gonna endure in the wedgie, and what you must do. Enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Xenopuppy
  1. How long can you stay at home by yourself for?
  2. Do you have older siblings?
  3. If yes, do you annoy them?
  4. What pants do you wear?
  5. Do you pee your pants?
  6. Do you need creams at all?
  7. Do you have slimy food in the house?
  8. Public or Private?
  9. What wedgie do you usually receive?
  10. By the way, after this quiz you must get a hanging wedgie for the time your result says.

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Quiz topic: How Long Of A Hanging Wedgie should I Get?