Do you deserve to be wedgied?

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They are people that need wedgies and people that don't. You could be either, wedgie needer or wedgie giver/ what is a wedgie. What is a wedgie? I t is where you panties are wedged between the buttocks. Ah, buttocks. I like that word.

Are you on of those people that needs to be wedgied? Do you have that aura of coolness around you that says, hey, mess with me , I mess with you! In a few moments, find out!

Created by: krazykitty
  1. Are you a nerd?
  2. Have you been wedgied?
  3. Random rocks
  4. Are you cool?
  5. Do you have FRIENDS?
  6. Are there bullies at your school?
  7. Have you been bullied?
  8. Have you had a lot of wedgies?
  9. Do you like wedgies?
  10. Will you rate/cmment?

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve to be wedgied?