Do you think you deserve a Divine Howrse

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Are you sick and tired of watching people that do nothing at all win Divines! Are you tired of watching pass buyers and top ranking players get all the divines? Well who really wins the title of "I deserve a Divine Howrse"

If you think you really Truly deserve to have the title of "I deserve a Divine Howrse" Than this quiz may be for you! Top rankers don't get EVERYTHING right! The idea of them getting everything makes my head smoke with steam! Take this quiz to see who REALLY deserves a Divine

Created by: Divine
  1. How much Equus Do you have?
  2. Have you EVER had a Divine on your account before? (Even if you bought it, earned it, stole it, etc.)
  3. How many days of seniority do you have.
  4. What is most like your inventory of BM items: A: x1 Piece of Cloud x1 Seahorse x1 Daphene's Laurel x1 Black Orchid 0 Passes B: x1 P. Stone x3 POC x2 Seahorse x1 Golden Spurs x1 Golden Apple x2 Elous Winds 1-2 Passes C: x2 P. Stones x2 Hera Pack x1 Helios Ray x6 Golden Apples x15 POC
  5. How many passes do you have
  6. How do you get your passes?
  7. Why do you play horse?
  8. What overall ranking are you in?
  9. How to you rate howrse.
  10. Do you think you Deserve a Divine?
  11. Why or why not do you think you do or don't deserve it.

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Quiz topic: Do I think you deserve a Divine Howrse