What Giver Character Are You?

Perfection is the life of the community, setting of The Giver. However, something doesn't seem right to a few people. What's going on? Do the people know what they're doing? Maybe they do.

Do YOU know what's going on? Have YOU realized what's happening behind all the vagueness? Until now, you might think you don't. Take this quiz to find out the truth!

Created by: Freckles

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  1. Do you lie?
  2. How do you normally spend your day out of school?
  3. How do you normally spend your day out of school?
  4. What's your favorite color?
  5. Is the idea of everything being the same and having no choices a good idea?
  6. Do you take pills or medications daily?
  7. Is "Release" okay?
  8. Do you "love" anyone? (family included)
  9. What's your favorite memory
  10. Is there something wrong with your community?
  11. What is death?

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Quiz topic: What Giver Character am I?