Community Alliance Shoplifting Quiz

There are many things youths do not know about shoplifting and the consequences. It is a very damaging and humiliating act. See what you know about the act.

Are you adept to the effects that shoplifting has on you, your family, and the community? Take this test and see if you know what I know will happen if you are .....C-A-U-G-H-T!!

Created by: Diana Dickinson

  1. What are the most popular items stolen from a store?
  2. What day of the week is known to have the most shoplifting activity?
  3. What hours have the highest shoplifting activity?
  4. Who does shoplifting effect?
  5. For a $5.00 item that is stolen, a merchant must sell $100.00 worth of merchandise to make up that $5.00, multiplied by 20.
  6. The cost of security personnel, cameras, mirrors, etc. balances out at the end of the year and a loss is not really suffered.
  7. The average family pays more than $400.00 a year extra to cover shoplifting costs.
  8. If you shoplift for the first time and get caught, the following may happen:
  9. Police options may be to warn and release, diversion, or petition to court, depending on the amount stolen.
  10. As a diversion option, you may be assigned community service, restitution, R.O.P.E.S. Course, Shoplifting/Theft Awareness course, and/or counseling.
  11. If petitioned to court, you may be put on probation, assigned community service, attend theft awareness course, attend counseling, and/or fines.
  12. Most stores require that you not shop or walk through their store for one year or up to 10 years. In doing so results in:
  13. There is a Retail Database with my name in it because I am a known shoplifter.
  14. My name will remain in the Retail Merchant Association database forever. If I apply for a job with any member of the association, they will check the database and deny me employment.
  15. Who knows I stole?
  16. I stole because it is not a serious crime.
  17. If you have money on you at the time you steal, it is considered shoplifting. If you have no money on you, it is considered burglary.
  18. If a shoplifter hurts someone in the process of shoplifting or fleeing the scene, they can face charges of robbery and attempted murder.
  19. The main reason why baby formula is such a hot item to steal, is for the purposes of mixing it with drugs to create a larger amount to sell.
  20. One of the news releases mentioned in the seminar of a lady who stole bacon, what was the result of the police filing?
  21. What are values?
  22. Rationalization is a thought process used to justify one's actions and desires.
  23. As part of my rehabilitation, I have to write a letter of an apology to my family and to the retailer.
  24. The consequence of the crime of shoplifting can result in 1-20 years in prison, depending on several factors from the frequency of theft and the amount.
  25. If I re-offend, the judge will issue the same punishment as the first time.
  26. What types of actions build trust?
  27. What type of actions destroy trust?
  28. An offender is someone who breaks the law by committing a crime.
  29. Reasons shoplifters give for lifting:
  30. The amount of dollars lost to shoplifting is:
  31. One in eleven shoplifters shoplift.
  32. Adult apprehensions do not outnumber juveniles.
  33. Fifty-seven percent of shoplifters classified as "first offenders" admit to stealing from retail stores monthly or more often.
  34. A shoplifter can be anyone.
  35. Approximately 70% of non-professional shoplifters plan their thefts in advance.
  36. Stealing produces a chemical reaction, a natural "high" that is truly their ultimate reward, not the stealing.
  37. I may end up spending up to $8,000 as a result of the crime of shoplifting that I committed.
  38. Most young people commit theft because they do not have money to pay for the items.
  39. Theft is when someone conceals or is secretive in taking something of value.
  40. Robbery is when someone uses intimidation, force, causes physical harm, or uses a weapon in taking something of value.

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